Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bánh Chuối Chiên - Fried Banana Cake!!

One Friday afternoon at the office Thom wanted to make Bánh Chuối Chiên (Literally Cake Banana Fried, pronounced ban chewy chi-an)for everyone at the office for her birthday. It always amazes me how the Vietnamese can cook something delicious with little equipment or planning! Bánh Chuối Chiên is normally eaten during the cooler season since it is most delicious fresh out of the hot oil!! It can usually be found at a small street vendor stall in the late afternoons and evenings. But Thom was convinced her Bánh Chuối Chiên is more delicious than the ones on the street, I think she was right:-P

The ingredients are : small sweet bananas cut in long strips, fresh strips of coconut, thinly sliced sweet potato, all mixed in with flour, sugar, salt and water and then fried in vegetable oil until golden brown.

These greasy little fritters are absolutely delicious!!! I think I ate 6 of 'em, good job they are seasonal!!! Hope you enjoyed the food blog.....I will be posting more about Vietnamese cuisine over the next few weeks!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there...
How much does it cost per piece if I want to get it from the street side in Hanoi?

I am planning to visit Hanoi in a week time..Thanks :-)